Monday, 29 August 2011

A Record Shop In Hexham!!

The Front of Gojo Records Hexham
A nice surprise today , decided to drive over to Hexham and was shocked to notice on the main drag a shop that appeared to be selling records. On closer examination discovered it was music and video rental as well , and had a small but excellent selection of CDs , good enough for me to purchase two of them , "Game Set and Match" by Nic Jones (they also had Penguin Eggs as do I) ,  and "Yan, Tan, Tehera Methera" by The Bad Shepherds!!

The Bag and the CDs

Enclosed are the photographs of the shop doorway and the bag and CDs I bought. Love the fact that they don't even have the area code on the phone number and they only take cash or cheques. Good to see that there are still shops selling music!

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