Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Birmingham and Luton Tonight!! - Snuffin in a Babylon!!

Just amazed at the blatant looting that has gone on for absolutely no reason apart from they can. I'm sure the government and police will be targetting more money and resources at congestion charges , more yellow lines and traffic wardens and clampers as we speak. It is funny how in all the times I've experienced violence , thieving and the like the police have done nothing , yet they can always come down on you for speeding , parking and the like.

Personally I dont think that they should use water cannon , batons etc on these animals , they should be given real live bullets . The reason why this looting is taking place is that , the animals are totally unconcerned with any potential reprisals , if they thought they might get really hurt or killed they wouldnt do it.

The Bob Marley song above is appropiate about what is happening but not the reasons. Most of Briatain's rioters and looters are not deprived or oppressed. Well not yet but this will be an excuse for governments to bring in new laws to control the rest of us.

By the way I'm left wing in my politics , but I know how fragile society is , and these scum should be put down . Full stop. A simplistic solution I know , but it makes me sick , and to think that if dispensed justice to to a looter I'd probably be the one that the police would prosecute!!

First Londaon , then Birmingham , Manchester , Leicester , Wolverhampton , Nottingham , scary

Sorry for the randomness of this post , but It's just a load of thoughts that came to me

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