Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Monetary Value of Music

Around 1975  I was out of school , on the dole , and my job seekers allowance was £3.25 a week , and I had to get into town to sign on , so that a week later I'd get my cheque or whatever. Around this time Pink Floyd issued "Wish You Were Here" . This was just after the petrol / vinyl shortage that had caused album to rocket from around £2 to over £3 , and petrol to hit £1 a gallon!! Hard times indeed.

Anyway I got to thinking , today petrol clocks in at £1.30 a litre if you're lucky , that about £7.50 a gallon (worked that out in my head so apologies if it's wildly out) , Job Seeekers Allowance is around £60 I believe , so if music had kept pace with these items we should be paying around £50 for an album , but we're not . Amazon have 100 classic albums at £3 to download , and the Pink Floyd album you will pick up for around a tenner (however the new "Immersion" release will set you back £90)

So really music just give you great value for money , and it amazes that people still think it's fine to steal . Amazon have plenty of free downloads so you can get free music , but really are you telling me you can't afford a tenner for a new CD?

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