Thursday, 20 March 2014

Being Positive Is Good For You

View From A Drone
I saw a lovely picture of a gathering on a school field, apparently taken by a drone and it got me thinking, I remember when getting a aerial picture was a luxury item, and soon we'll all be able to take aerial pictures of your house ore whatever. Google Earth and Streetview give us a lot of that already. And this reminded me of one of the most inspirational TED Talks about Henry Evans who is quadroplegic but uses drones to inspect his vineyards and the roof of his property.
I was shocked by how much this guy can get out of his life using robots and drones, and I think it's a lesson to us all, that life generally is improving. There is still a lot wrong in the world but there are people who are slowly showing us how we can get things right.

Also if you search TED you can see that there are a lot more beneficial applications of drone technology. Soget inspired, it may be from a friend or someone you don't know, it maybe from someone next to you or on the other side of the world, but you will feel better for it. Inspiration comes from many sources and places. So again be inspired and have a wonderful day. Oh and if you are doing the #nomakeup selfie for #breastcancerawareness , smile , really that is the only make up you need. Smile please

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