Thursday, 27 March 2014

Virginal - A Speech To Text Exercise

This is the block the i was gonna do daily by just talking so i'm not gonna make any changes whatsoever this is just what it hears from what i say which is quite an impressive really low draw something oddities that you recycle come out of this recycle i never said that is what i did i did now anyway i just interested in what you catch we say and i am at watson this can actually capture and what it actually end up with and yes i am just like this is just stream of consciousness stuff now so i don't know where how are you put a. In when you just actually speaking. Are so actually put in a4 no a full stop. That's quite impressive anyway so there's not going uni links in there's not gonna be any um pictures not gonna be any video this is just um my first attempt at a complete leave um spoken blog post and this is on my samsung phone um ball my note any does lots of arms ball i'm not gonna make any corrections to this i'm not gonna make any changes and this is just as i actually spoke it today 11 you realise all day anyway this this is gonna be it right that's enough amber post office

The post above was done using text to speech on my phone, just to see what it would do. Sorry if I'm talking rubbish, but it was an experiment I've been thinking about for ages. Now I've done it. The title was meant to say something else!

THe title virginal should have been translated as "I Hear An Owl"!

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