Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Share and Be Positive

Woke up from some dream and there was something in it on how good life can be when you are positive and smiling and share things with others. That thing you share may be your smile, good news, knowledge or something you think people will will like. And it gives you a lift when you give things and people take things and then later do the same thing to you.

Building relationships like that means that people can be there when things maybe aren't has good for you, and they will know that you are probably there to help them as well.

I've not done any posts about happiness and positivity recently , but it is something that we should always maintain in our lives otherwise we will basically be miserable. I always look for the good, the positives in situations , as it's so easy to find faults. Remember faults are there to be dealt with , while good things are there to be savoured and enjoyed.

Key looking for the good, share and open up with people, and I hope sunshine fills your day.

Oh by the way, and example of this is that on Sunday I started using Runkeeper. Two of my good friends at work Neil and Lee said Endomondo was better as it was more configurable, and they use it on a daily basis, so it's only a small thing but it shows they think about me and it makes you feel more connected.

Have a great day. And I think "Love It When You Call" by The Feeling is a fantastic upbeat song which always makes me happy, and I love it when my friends call.

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