Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Periodic Moan

I try to keep things posutive on this blog but sometimes you have to let it out when things annoy you. Sometimes they are not really all that much of a problem, but let's face it 90% of the world prefers having something to moan about rather than having good things happen to them. It may be contributory to the state of the world at the moment.

Last night I went to see Wolf Hall based on the Hilary Mantel book at the Swan Theatre / RSC in Stratford. I cannot recommend this highly enough to anyone. I haven't read the books but the play is well paced , easy to understand, and a sparsely visual treat.

Firstly , I know that students are in the process of learning but there were about ten who didn't understand the relevance of seat numbers at a sold out seated event. I find the same on local buses where studens try to congregate on the footplate of the bus despite the rest of the bus being empty which results in the driver whizzing past stops because they thing the bus must be full, when all they have is about ten students.

Worse that that is the numpty suit who replaced them, then continued texting at every opportunity with his screen on full brightness. He was probably an iPhone owner and needed to let everybody know he had his iPhone at an important play. I was tempted to borrow one of actors weapons and "get biblical on his ass".

Then the Vauxhall Astra I haveon hire this week, despite being a two door model, is too long for many parking spaces. I was wondering why parking was a little awkward, but it is easy to drive and looks like a white Batmobile.

Also I've finally started Breaking Bad and love the use of Periodic Table entries in the credits. It is a truly brilliant program. So this week there's been loads of great things happening and to experience with a few niggles, and really the message is treasure the good things and ignore and forget the bad stuff.

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