Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Before The Deluge - Hello December

I wasn't expecting to be able to write this as due to the rain and landscape I've hardly had a mobile signal. It's quite funny that my former employer made a big thing about covering this area with a 4G signal , well it hasn't quite reached here. That's fine though, but it does leave you at the mercy of the elements.

It doesn't seem that long since internet access was not even on your radar , now it's difficult to do without.

The main reason is to keep in touch with friends who are a long way away , but with a phone and signal you can now share experiences and chat easily and be there if people need you you across the miles and distance.

The weather forecast is for more and more rain , so this may be my only post this week, but it doesn't matter because I am relaxing and on holiday and that is the main thing. Also you can can always give or get a hig and a cuddle when I return or even better find a friend or loved one to share one with now.

There's only one song for this post isn't there, Jackson Browne's "Before The Deluge".

The Deluge

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