Sunday, 6 December 2015

Some More Things That Make Me Happy

I was quite pleased that this post here has started to get some more views . It is important to me because it reminds af things that bring a smile to my face and just make my heart leap a little. Todauy I am lucky to be home having managed to escape the worst of the Cumbrian Weather and Lorry crashes , but still the journey took an extra two hours on a 90 minute journey., details here on the BBC site.

It's a friend's birthday today and I always try and post a mybe appropriate song on Facebook , and while this song is not a birthday song , it always brings a smile to my face (as do a lot of Big Daddy covers) . Their cover of Once In A Lifetime is a total delight

Music can always lift you but other things can do to such as:

You Know What To Do
  • Reading A Book
  • Meeting A Friend
  • Watching A Film
  • Going For A Walk
  • Visiting A Museum
  • Going To The Theatre
  • Socialising
  • Anything that puts a smile on your face
Smiling is contagious , you start doing and others will soon follow suit.

So tomorrow smile lots and make this world a better place

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