Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Viv Albertine is Nice Enough To Eat

Today I want to visit a stone circle, apparently there are a lot round here (Orton). It's Gamelands and all the stones have fallen but I do like visiting these places. I often use my Julian Cope's Modern Antiquarian to look at these sites.

The problem is the weather is wet and blowy and traipsing through fields may not be the best way to spend the day. The roads in Orton are covered with running water and the wind as destroyed my umbrella (which was a fairly sturdy model) , but who knows the weather may get better.

Nice Enough To Eat
 Anyway to the title of the piece, I am currently reading Viv Albertine's autobiography (Clothes, Music, Boys) x 3 , and think she comes across as a totally wonderful amazing person although she "Nice Enough To Eat" and we played it to death. And be both recently bought a copy from a second hand shop because it's like a first love. You can't get it on CD but I made up my own CD copy which I listen to at least once a week.
would not have  two words to say to me, Although I shouldn't be surprised as we are of a similar age one of the first albums we bought was the Island sampler

Also bands like King Crimson and the Motown sound are things we both love. It was great that she formed a band and got to hang with Mick Jones and others , but like all girls often preferred the gits to those who really loved her. I  heartily recommend the book to anyone who can actually read , but it's not for anyone who prefers life to be on the straight and narrow. So the song I chose is Typical Girls by The Slits. These were never typical girls.

So I am going back to reading and may get to see that stone circle. Have a great day everyone.

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