Friday, 18 December 2015

It's Friday , It Certainly Is

It's Friday , and this weekend is the last one before Christmas. So a potential busy weekend , including sorting out presents , cards , a 50th birthday (not mine , that was years ago) , a Christmas party , booking a car and more. Do you realise that Amazon have 8 million Christmas related items? Though I am sure to could buy something better for from a local business

I am consistently amazed by Viv Albertine's book , a totally amazing woman, inspirational ,interesting and well , just buy the book here. It's page after page ,of  "Oh My God" , "That Is Amazing" , "I've been There" and wanting to put your arms round her or being over the moon with her or wanting to hold her hand, Amazing stuff , although I've nearly finished it and have John Lydon's autobiography next in line.

Also it is the last Friday before Christmas so to quote Hill Street Blues , be careful out there ... and have a great time

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