Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Inspired or Easily Distracted?- Well I'll Be Damned

Well I hit the 100K reads and hit the 1,000 posts , my target was New Years Eve. I wasn't certain I would do either, I couldn't thing how I would write enough posts then came up with the Odyssey58 idea which meant that I would reach the target. I'm not sure what gave me the idea apart from my love of music and the fact that it was my birthday . I so some hits are robots but I know a lot of friends do read this , so that is a great reason for keeping writing.

Obviously 200K and 2,000 posts are next targets , but I need something to write about and to inspire me , and I do have lots of inspiration.

Odyssey58 is going to be combined with what I've written for my first book to produce my first ebook. I have a song ready that I need to to properly but the first cut is on SoundCloud here . This was just recorded to my phone , made up as I went along.

Anyway so I have lots of things to look forward to going forward , just hope I can keep people interested, I do love my friends , and I love you for reading and being there for me .

Choosing the music for this I decided on Love's Alone Again Or but then found that The Damned had covered it in 1987 and very good it is , although the video I am sure is an inspiration for the Enya / Prodigy mash up video which is still my favourite mash up of all time.

See how all these threads come together?

So am I easily distracted or inspired? Who Knows

This is the state of the site at the moment:

The Figures

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