Sunday, 1 January 2017

Kick Off 2017 With Hope In Your Heart

Right, this is just a short post, looking forward to 2017 delivering some great things for us all. There were a lot of good things happened in 2016 , but also a lot of dreadful things. We need to try and make sure the dreadful things don't happen this year and try and make good things happen. My dad always said about gardens (I know this a majorly tangential reference) , if you plant enough flowers then the weeds won't get a chance to grow, and we should use that analogy with the good that we do in 2017. If you do lots of good then the bad will start to fade.

That is very simplistic but too many people make themselves miserable by concentrating on bad events and bad things. That is not to demonize the people who are genuinely fighting awful situations, but some people will go overboard based on any Daily Mail or Sun headline. Those sorts really need to adjust their outlook but they won't be reading this. It's pity to mention such loathsome rags in a forward looking post, but they are the biggest selling "newspapers" in the UK , which doesn't say much for the general public.

The song I will choose to kick off is "Good Morning Britain" by Aztec Camera and Mick Jones , 27 years old but perfect for today. And I have to include "The News" by Carbon/Silicon (Mick Jones again) , one of the most positive songs you will ever here. Play these as you read the post and you will probably want to have them in your collection.

Happy New Year everyone ... Go Out and Make Your 2017 Great!!!

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