Saturday, 21 January 2017

We Have To Stay Positive

We knew it was coming, we knew it was getting in the Whitehouse because the electorate knew him as the face of the Apprentice and that's why they voted. If Simon Cowell stood for Prime Minister in the UK the idiots would come out in their millions to vote for him.

This is called democracy

So what do we do?

We be ourselves.

We try and educate people that their vote matters

We foster respect and tolerance and a love of diversity.

We do what we can to make things better for us and for others.

We make life good.

WE know the dangers of what has happened the USA, but there are a hell of a lot of sensible people in the USA , like there are in the UK and maybe the Trump success is the kick up the arse that good people need to realize you cannot take things for granted.

Anyway we will deal with this and we will make things better by being positive, doing our best for ourselves, our friends and family and those who need our help.

Last Monday I was a little apprehensive about my Liver Biopsy. Today I have a biggish bruise on my right side and all is good. I knew it was going to happen and some brilliant people in the NHS made it perfect for me,

I have sort of neglected this blog but I will choose a song that is positive and the Mitchel and Webb Apprentice sketch which is hilarious. What better than Public Service Broadcastings's "Go" , totally positive and that is what we should be.

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