Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Day After

Yesterday was spent in the Freeman Hospital for a Liver Biopsy. This is something the NHS lets us take for granted but successive governments since Margaret Thatcher bought herself into power have certainly not helped the NHS.

Everyone I spoke with was positive , pleasant , helpful and did a great job. They told me what would happen, what the possible side effects were , what the side effects probably would be, and this is what we pay for with out National Insurance and Taxes. The last three governments have made life difficult by siphoning that money off to private corporations and consultancies, the most high profile corporate leech being Richard Branson.

Anyway today I am recuperating, not supposed to be doing anything at all, and supposed to be enjoying taking the time to read and catch up TV and be in a fit state for work tomorrow. I should be thinking positive thoughts and enjoying a day to actually rest , although I naturally feel like I should be doing something (I have done washing up and cooked an omelette for lunch and eaten it)  so I haven't been completely idle.

Anyway I thought we'd have one of my favourite singers covering one of my favourite songs. Bryan Ferry covering The Velvet Underground's "What Goes On".

Have a great afternoon, even if you are still at work.

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