Sunday, 1 January 2017

Remember Then ...

... one your biggest problems at New Year was remembering to date your cheques with the new year. It's amazing how in such a short period of time technological advances have made cheques virtually redundant. Barclays did something recently were you could photograph the cheque and send that electronically, but that was just a more complex way of doing normal electronic transactions, while making it more open to fraud. I'm not sure it caught on.

Anyway just one of the ways that life has improved, we have simpler ways of spending money but less of it to spend.

I'm just writing this here because it came to mind, and well , I am just about to crawl into bed. We've got a full day of football tomorrow so hope you have got some fun to be had too.

It's also an excuse to play "Remember Then" by Sha Na Na . I can't believe that I have never included them before, they appeared at Woodstock (I have "At The Hop" on the soundtrack album) and in the film Grease, and I had a couple of their albums in my teens which I didn't replace on CD, although I do have an huge rock and roll section in my collection

Anyway it's time for bed and we don't go back to work til Tuesday

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