Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Sound of Guns

I was up at 3 o clock this morning , there were bins in the middle of the road and mine and my neighbour's had blown over, so I got up and moved the bins off the road. The bin lorry still hasn't turned up, but obviously once emptied, they need putting somewhere safe fairly quickly. The wind doesn't seem to be letting up , and there's apparently snow on the way.

Last night I was absolutely shattered so was in bed at 8 O' Clock so I've had a good nights sleep though  I had some weird dreams which like most dreams have completely disappeared from my mind. They were not good dreams though. I noticed on Facebook my eldest daughter had woken from a nightmare so a bit of family synchronicity there.

This week I am having a number of hospital visits prior to a liver biopsy next week,  before a weekend in Whitby at the end of the month. The needle they use for the biopsy s fairly hefty piece of kit but the do anesthetize the spot.

Anyway sorry this is just rambling about nothing interesting, but I will leave you with a brilliant uplifting video from Turbolenza featuring music by the excellent but now defunct The Sound of Guns (Sometimes and Alcatraz).

Have a good day my friends.

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