Sunday, 10 September 2017

I Do Not Want To Do That

Some days you wake up and you really don't want to get out of bed. Having a shave and a wash and cleaning your teethare chores that you'd rather not do, because there are other things that maybe you do want to do, but let's face you have to do these things to make yourself at lease basically presentable to the world...and then you have got to have a shower because the rest of your body needs cleaning and after that it's time for deodorant, hair gel and bloody contact lenses , because you have to be able to see where you are going, and then there's that contact lens that will stick to everything apart from your eye. Eventually you actually get through all this and you are ready for the day and you know it was actually worth it. You could have stayed in bed but now you are up and ready to go.

This sometimes happens during the week, but has to be overcome because you have to go to work to actually fund your lifestyle. Not doing that is not an option. You have about 130 days in the year that you don't have to do that made up of weekends, bank holidays and your alocated holidays. Some people have more, some have less but it's something you have to do.

I have now committed myself to doing 340K steps a month. Today I don;t really feel like doing my steps but I am going to walk into town and back. I don't have to do this , but this walking has reduced my insulin intake by 75%, helped me lose a little weight, made me slightly fitter , and enabled to take some great videos , see things in my locality that I didn't know existed, catch up on some great music that I had either forgotten or bought and never even listened to, until I started the walking . So whether I feel like doing it or not I WILL hit 11.5K steps today. I have a place to aim for and thanks to technology I can document it while listening to great music.

The Jordan Ellenberg book is also not the most rivetting but I have got some great information from it and it's been worth reading and with only another twenty pages to go , the end is in sight.

So on my walk I will choose an album or two to listen to,  sometimes I don't listen to anything , but I tend to walk for about 90 minutes a day which should be time for two albums, and my collection is bigger than five thousand albums so even listening at two a day that would take over seven years to listen to my whole collection.

I 'll treat you to The Records' cover of Tim Rose's "Rock and Roll Love Letter" (also covered by the Bay City Rollers in one of their many lapses into taste) and go and sort out some breakfast. Enjoy your Sunday my friends.

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