Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Art of Getting Up

This morning I really wanted to get up . During the week, I really don't want to get up, maybe because I have to to get up and go to work to effectively fund my life.

It's something that I have to do , but I don't feel it's a decision that I have made, although in reality I have made that decision.

I could choose not to work, but that would mean I probably wouldn't have the finances to actually write this post when I want to , and how I want to and wear I want to .

 It's a trade off, and I choose to do this because I see it as the best option for what I want from life. But I still don't want to get up during the week. I still I have to get up wash, shower, take loads of drugs and injections and then, generally , walk into work.

Today I had a good night's sleep, walk up , had ideas for a couple of blog posts and I actually want to get up. Why? Well there are things I really want to do and am looking forward to doing. The thing is, if you have things to look forward to you will want to get up, even if you have to do things you don't want to do. Here's a list of what I have to look forward to today followed by a W (want to do) , or N (Don't want to do). I know W and N seem odd letters to choose , but I have chosen them for obvious reasons and you now know what I mean. Here's the liset:

  • Mow The Lawn (N)
  • Two Blog Posts (Including this one) (W)
  • Walk 11.5K steps (W)
  • Go to the shops for various provision (N) but it will help me walk my steps
  • Watch some catch up TV (W)
  • Watch some TED Talks (W)
  • Listen to another album (W)
  • Change the bedding (N)
  • Top up The Bird Feeders (W)
  • Meet With Friends at The Wildflower Farewell Party (W)
  • Phone My Dad (W)
  • Take Some Photographs and maybe Instagram them (W)
  • Get Song of The Salesman onto Wordpress (W)
So I have a few reasons to want to get up, and really that's what  you have to have to make you want to get up. You need to have reasons. Yes it's nice to lie in bed, but it's a very long time since I was in bed at mid day ... but that could be a reason to get up even though you actually staying in bed.

So the obvious piece for this is "Can't Get Out Of Bed" by The Charlatans, so either stay in bed, get out, do things or relax.

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