Saturday, 2 September 2017

Two Days In

The first Saturday in Semptember and I had a wander aroung and managed to do 13K steps with some aimless wandering but still managing to run into friends and visit Wildflower for probably the last time in it's current location and Jass and Asher told of it's new and secret  location, but I know the area well if not te exact spot. I treated myself to their final pea burger of the day as we discussed the state of the economy and country.

I really need to do something about this blog to grab some more attention , as posts are only just crawling into double figures. I know a lot of people like the shares I put ion face book , but I have a feeling a lot don't click through , they like the share rather than actually read the post. Some people I know click though religiously and I thank you for that, this si the only in which I can socially engage in dialogue with people as I have become a bit of a social pariah for some reason (mainly my own laziness).

For some reason Lee Marvin's "Wanderin' Star" from "Paint Your Wagon" sprang into my mind. The film also features Clint Eastwood singing , so a more ulikely pair of songsters I really can't imagine, but it still hit number one in the charts, so you are going to get that one. It does have one of the longest intros you will hear in a single hitting a quarter of the song.

My album as I wandered was Street Legal by Bob Dylan which features a a pair of lyrical tour-de-forces (or is it tours-de-force?, I don't know, and that has probably my grammar and contruction in this sentence), but the songs that spring to mind are "Changing Of The Guard" and "No Time To Think". Other memorable songs are the single "Baby Stop Cryin'" and the take on the Miss World Theme Tune "Is Your Love In Vain". It is and album that should be in you collection , and I thing I will start an #Albumofthe Day tag to keep a track.

I was thinking I would stay up all night doing stuff but I am actually feeling tired. It is Sunday tomorrow so I have no need to do anything but we shall see. I still want to do my steps but the good news is that after two days I am 3K ahead of target , so that eases the pressure a little.

Anyway time for bed.

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