Sunday, 3 September 2017

So Much For Targets

Well I actually did get a lot done today. I have maintained the step level visiting Newcastle Central STation among other things and am getting the hang of Wordpress , though not as quickly as I'd like. I managed abouth fifteen minutes of "I Frankestein" but it was like everyone was reading from an autocue and while the CGI was excellent the story was so threadbare that I hit the delete button. There is too much good stuff to watch to waste time with things like that.

The new Song of The Salesman site is here but there's another weeks work to do. I want video embedded on the pages just to make things easier for people,


Anyway I am home now and listening to The FLK (yes that's right) , it is an interesting folk / techno / sample mix, an album so rare it's not even on Amazon so god knows how much it's worth, though it's going from £23 on Discogs whis seems to have replaces GEMM as the global record marketplace.

It's not often that you can't find stuff on Amazon.

Anyway the two albums that I have been listening to today are:

  • Airhead - Boing: Second division Britpop (in sales not quality) akin to another of my favourites , The Milltown Brothers, I think they went under the name Jefferson Airhead in the USA, but I this was their only album. "Funny How" was a brilliant single and it sounds as good today as it did then. They were on the excellent Korova label, just look it up and see how good company they were keeping.
  • Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City:Almost a modern equivalent of AIrhead although Jit (African) influenced power pop, some amazing songs and a great follow up to their second album.
 Anyway I am now listening to my favourite Kraftwerk song "Ruckzuck" but willshare a Vampire Weekend song for your delectation.

Time for tea now , enjoy your Sunday evening.

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