Sunday, 15 March 2020

I Usually Forget

My memory is not very good at remembering things, I 've said this before, i Law I could remember what happened in Cases but not the name or dates of the case, in English Literature I can remember what happens in a play or novel but not the names of places or characters, when someone asks me directions I know which way to go , but not the names of roads and landmarks , they don't stick in my mind at all, which is possibly why I was so academically unsuccessful.

The odd thing is that I can deal with mathematical problems and am excellent in knowing how to find answers for things and solve problems, but if my memory is actually so bad, how can I actually do what I do? Although there are people of the opinion that I don't actually do anything, but you can't do anything about ignorance 😊.

The post was originally going to be about targets and goals, which we always need to help drive us, well I do. There are the mundane things, but I do want 100 positive recommendations on Discogs , I'm on 96 at the moment though I've sold 140 or so items and currently have something like 250 on sale, and am looking forward to post number 2222 (this is 2212 so ten to go) , so these are little but easily achievable goals.

Back to the main point of this post that is my memory and I am reading and enjoying "Weaveworld" by Clive Barker and while I remember the start and the end and the characters , I don't remember what is currently happening in the book, and if I wasn't so forgetful , there wouldn't be much point in me revisiting books. Previous revisitations have not unearthed much new stuff but this has been a treasure trove and is why I started to investigate Clive Barker's catalogue to the point of getting each book as it was released although I wasn't too impressed with his graphic novels.

I wanted to use "Remember" by Jimi Hendrix but there's virtually nothing on Youtube, but I found this cover by Gracie and The Summit Band which is rather excellent. Listen and enjoy. I can't track them down online but if you find them stick a link in the comments

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