Monday, 16 March 2020

We Dream of Magic

I know it's because I am reading "Weaveworld" by Clive Barker and just in the aftermath of another confrontation between good and evil,  Cuckoos and Seerkind . It got me thinking, but  magic is often defined by ritual and repetitive performances, and everyone has some kind of repetitive ritual that they do every day.

So did magic evolve from people doing repetitive things or vice versa. Also sometimes something unusual would happen before or at the same time as tings and become associated with the ritual. So you get lucky socks , they "two for joy" with magpies and many more.

Many people claim they are very logical and dismiss magic, but will still do things in a repetitive way that others could interpret as a magical ritual, such as being at a bus stop at a certain time and a bus appears. We know it's not magic, but take a person who was unaware of how our transport infrastructure works and how would they interpret it.

Often magic is just something that cannot be explained .. yet. That's not to say that certain rituals cannot put us into a state of mind which creates a positivity that helps us do things. People solve problems and it's best to have your mind in a good place to do that.

Also remember that most of the time new things fail, but the only way to succeed is to do things and instigate things, things don't just happen (good or bad).

I will go into work today and many people will tell me they wish it was Friday, I tell them they shouldn't wish their life away , find something to be positive about and enjoy now. I have plans for what is happening today including a doctor's visit and an email deployment and planning for a network test so I have plenty going on today.

So given the vague magic theme in this post I'll go with "The Wizard" by Uriah Heep (on Top of the Pops they did a kettle solo, and kettles are good for making tea and coffee which is always a good thing).

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