Sunday, 22 March 2020


I'm glad to see that my posting is down this year, although I don't think the quality has improved any.

I am listening to a lot more of my purchased music thanks to this lockdown but also doing quite a lot more planned walking as it would be terribly easy to just stay at home.

I am thirty pages from the end of "Weaveworld" and the story has not gone exactly the way I remembered it,  although it is a definite one for a revisit, and think it would make a great film, it's gonna be followed by "Cabal" which did surface as the film "Nightbreed" in which humanity show themselves to be the true monsters , a situation reflected in how b=people are behaving these days.

I did receive to amazingly excellent news today which I can't share with anyone but close friends until the news becomes public.

I've also caught up on a lot of recorded TV and if it keeps on like this I may have to watch some DVDs , it's a long time since I did that.

We'll go with "Inside" by Jethro Tull which is semi appropriate for these times

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