Monday, 26 July 2010

Great Day - A Summertyne Gospel Addendum

Since Friday night's fantastic concert , I m quite amazed and the number of songs from the set that keep running through my head . Different ones appear each day , whethere it's "Great Day" or "Daddy Sang Bass" , I'm amazed that these songs are sticking with me.

I knew a few of the songs in other incarnations but the choir sessions have left a lasting impression, due in no small part to the excellent musical education (from the latin educo possibly which means "I Lead") given to us bt Sharon Durant , well supported by the proper choir members in the group.

The image to the left is the choir onstage having a ball with Solomon Burke

Anither great thing that happened is I've recieved emails from other choir members who enjoyed similar experiences to mine. The social contact is well worth the effort.

Will I do it again? Only time will tell , but I tend to keep doing things I enjoy , and this is something I really did enjoy.