Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Just Wondering ...

In October / November 2011 it was World Novel Writing month and and at the time I wondered if I could sit down and write 2000 words from scratch. I managed to do it here , and got to thinking could I write a blog entry for a day for a month?

Last year I also managed 100 blog entries for the first time , that's two a week.

People keep diaries and that's all a blog is , albeit an online  version, and to be quite honest , you could easily write  forty entries in a day , maybe short ones, but nonetheless you could do it, and maybe I will actually try that one day.

For the time being I may actually try to complete at least one a day for the month of May 2012. I may do more than one a day but will at least post one entry every day this month and see if I can find something to post about.

Newspapers have to fill themselves everyday and there must be days when nothing really newsworthy happens , but that wont stop the Dail Mail and Daily Express coming with some scary headline or the Dail Sport finding a knicker shot of some C List celebrity to fill their front page

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