Friday, 25 May 2012

That Looks Familiar

We were talking aboutmusic in the Stand last week and the subject of Fleetwood Mac came up. A couple of us agreed that Lindsey Buckingham was a mad genius and Tusk was their best albim. After Rumours the execs at Warner Brothers were looking forward to bumper bonusses and were horrifed at what the band presented them. This was at the height of punk and I remember NME being stunned by the unexpected brilliance of the album , especially the title track. The fact it was a double album made this an even bigger coup.

Anyway the point I am making about this is that Camper Van Beethoven were stuck in a remote cabin and recorded their own version of Tusk , so there actually two similar looking albums with the same tracks by different bands. I have both.

While Mojo magaize have cover disks of revisited albums , the nearest to Camper Van Beethoven's exercise is te East Star All Stars "Dub Side Of The Moon" Anyway the samples abouve and a coupe of relevant tracks below for you to peruse!

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