Thursday, 10 May 2012

My God How Much Rain?

Well I'm glad I worked from home today , it has absolutely poured down. Raining like mad. The Daily Mail & Express will have us preparing for the deluge as that's an easy one. It's weather it does what it wants, if you're lucky to can forecast a couple of days in advance assuming no one throws a spanner in the works.

Roughly it's cold in winter and you might get snow , in springs things generally start to grow , summer is generally hotter and autumn things start to die.  But that doesnt preclude getting all four seasons in one day.

My other thing this week is the Raspberry Pi . The cheap (£25) computer meant to get kids properly interested in programming. Almost every guy I know has one . I'm feeling a little left out. There's and excellent blog on the subject here. A great way of getting kids interested in actually doing something. Don't but FIFA 2012 buy a football , want to be famous for a reason.

I wonder if I should buy one ......

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