Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Tempest In Stratford

Yesterday I went to see a production of  Shakespeare's "The Tempest" at The rebuilt RSC Theatre in Stratford yesterday.

Manga Shakespeare
The theatre is excellent not least for the excellent ventilation that ensures you remain awake for the whole of the performance. As well as that I picked up a manga version of "The Tempest" from the theatre shop, which I am looking forward to perusing as it is my favourite Shakespeare play. You can see the Reduced Shakepeare Company's version here.

Soldiers in the RSC Restaurant
I noticed lots of small model soldier displays around the bar which were there to advertise a "takeover day" on the 4th May. I'm not sure what is happening , may need to take another trip to Stratford on Friday to find out what it's all about

While in Stratford also found a brilliant restaurant  Edward Moon, which I would recommend to anyone.

The Avon is High

The Avon was very high at the time but just , lapping at the theatre steps , so no danger while we were there!!

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