Sunday, 6 October 2013

Another Beautiful Day

Another gorgeous beautiful day and I don't know what I'm going to to do just at the moment. The weather this year has been absolutely awesome in fact a brilliant TED Talk about clouds comes to mind so that's why it leads this post. Watch it , it is brilliant.

The book is not coming along as fast as I would like but got another thousand words knocked out last night and have ideas still to get down and it's still stuck around the late sixties early seventies so there is a hell of a lot of information to sift and mine and get down. It's still really at the beginning , but it is the first time I've ever undertaken anything like that. Thank god for the word processor I say. I really couldn't hand write or hand type it. Although I do need to use dictation to get ideas down and maybe even write some of the stuff.

I remember about two years ago on holiday I wanted to see if I could write two thousand words in a day, and I did it here. Whether it makes sense or not is a different matter but it does pale the hundred word essays of early secondary school , I can write a hundred words now without thinking almost , but is that a good thing or bad thing. It could get me a job as a scriptwriter of a Michael Bay film, I'm sure.

I now need an image for each post otherwise you get my ugly mug. So I particularly love the pictures of Rebecca Cother and this one caught my eye , because for all of us there is always something good out there  we may have to find it, or we may already have it. Watch that TED talk , enjoy the great weather and have an ebsolutely brilliant day everyone.

Something Has Got To Be Out There - Rebecca Cother

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