Monday, 7 October 2013

Surprisingly Amazed by John Martyn

The late John Martyn is one of my many favourite artists, the amazing performance above left me awestruck and immediately had me captured. However in a completely sideways tangential coincidence I was sorting out my daughter's birthday present and as I was on Amazon I thought I'd check out their MP3 store for freebies and noticed the John Martyn Island Years (£160 on disc) for seven pounds. I don't know if this is mispriced, but if not it is a definite bargain.  Seventeen CDs , featuring nineteen hours of music, which will have knocked up my already large music collection fairly significantly.

Today has been another excellent day, despite visiting a dodgy part of town for a hospital clinic appointment with a very pleasant nurse, and again the weather has been beautiful.Have a great night everyone.

Nant Ffrancon Farm by Bob Armstrong
I could do with a picture and I keep ripping of Rebecca Cother, so I'll have one of Bob Armstrong's instead!

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