Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Although sometimes things may not go according to plan , mistakes are made , accidents happen , it rains at the open air barbecue, it's always worth stepping back and seeing the millions of great things in life. Today has seen more beautiful blue skies,  great weather , the odd monsoon like strorm, but hey , that just waters the garden.

While working from home I have had great music playing from 6 Music which is still playing at the moment. The problem with 6 is that when it gets switched on it becomes very difficult for me to switch off. A bit like BBC4.

These are tiny instances of pleasure that make life a joy to love. My eldest daughter has just moved offices , she loves it and it's closer to hokme for her , so that pleased me no end.

Rebecca's Lion
I keep meaning to do an Einaudi / Part type piano piece which I want to do to accompany a picture montage of Rebecca Cother's artwork. If she likes it I'll publish it on Youtube for you., but have to compose it first

For some reason going to go with one of my favourite James songs.

Everyone have a fantastic night , and tomorrow is going to be another brilliant day.

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