Thursday, 17 October 2013

We Need More Love And Positivity

I'm seeing a lot of picture posts on Facebook, which aggressively imply that the poster with take retribution on someone who has crossed them in some way, even unfriended them on Facebook. Every so often I have a clear out of contacts , sometimes accidentally deleting people. Recent me and someone I'd accidentally unfriended took two months of attempting to reconnect, including manny missives to Facebook admin. We only play Scrabble together but the unfriending put that at risk, but we managed to sort it eventually.

Love and Be Positive
The TED talk above is a wonderful inspiring story of someone who overcame adversity and now lives a wonderful fulfilling life.

So people think that treating others badly shows that they are strong. It doesn't it just shows your transgressors have rattled you , and therefore succeeded. I admit that sometimes you have to fight but that should be a last, not first resort.

The best and biggest things are built by people working together it a spirit of co-operation, and sprinkled with a healthy dose of love and respect. So find a friend , give them a hug or a kiss, do something together , even if it's a chat , or a coffee or a drink. Do something together, you never know what may come of it. Work together and you will achieve far more that working in a fractious , frictional environment. Wars and negativity and aggression destroy , Love and cooperation can build lasting monuments.

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