Saturday, 12 October 2013

Good Things Happen ... Let Them Eat Cake

The lovely ladies at Pet Lamb in the Grainger Market
I had a good feeling about today and it started well enough, as detailed in my previous post, then after having coffee and reading the papers I decided to go in search of provender such as fruit and vegetables. The weather was a little grey so I decided to nip into town, visit the Grainger Market and finish up with a five dollar shake at the Stateside Diner.

I got my stuff from the Grainger Market, wandered passed the excellent Mmm , and came across the interesting looking Pet Lamb. I wandered inside where a lady was just receiving a coffee from the girls. I was impressed with the cake display and the girls were extremely helpful and engaging. I've missed a decent cupcake and coffee shop in Newcastle since we lost Cake on Grainger Street (Johnny Cupcakes doesn't count as it's just a franchise that brings vanloads of stuff from head office). So that really made my day. I bought two cakes and will be visiting there a lot more and I recommend you do the same if you are in or around Newcastle. They have a facebook page here.

Have a great night everyone and there's only one song for me that mentions cake on my mind at the moment, and thats:

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