Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Alice Cooper To The Rescue - #ALifeInNumbers #18

Today I took my first sick day in my present job. The lurgi I'm fighting hit me with a vengeance last night with coughing , headaches, runny nose , aching bones although I have been worse. I slept for 8 or 9 hours then I had a bath, took some lemsip,  ate , felt as though I was improving, now I am running a temperature and going through lots of tissues. While I do know I will feel better soon, I don't feel good now, so to business then bed.

Number 18 has to be Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen" possibly their most important song, the USA equivalent of The Who's "My Generation". When I say it's their most important that doesn't mean their best, but this song has amazing power, and addresses the transition from youth to so called majority. All of a sudden the rebellious youth has become what they are rebelling against. You should have all the early Alice Cooper albums in your collection anyway (here is a good way of doing that).

There may have been other "18" songs such as Pete Wingfields excellent "Eighteen With A Bullet"  but Alice Cooper is so far ahead of the pack for this one it was no contest.

Anyway I am hot headachey and I am going to try and get better.

Sleep well my friends.

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