Monday, 10 October 2016

Getting Better (I Think) - Levelling The Land - #ALifeInNumbers #15

This morning I was expecting to feel not very good, but if I went to bed at 40% Feelgood Factor, this morning it's 70-80% . Although I am generally positive I wasn't expecting to feel that great. There's two things that I did yesterday, in the evening I had chocolate and paracetamol , but earlier for the first time in a few weeks I made my self a bespoke smoothie. Both of these may have actually helped make me feel better although I can't say for definite it was one or the other or both  or something completely different. I still have a bit of a runny nose but I do feel much better than I did yesterday, and ready for my 'flu' jab later on.

Anyway song number 15 is "Fifteen Years" by The Levellers which means I'm a quarter through #ALifeInNumbers . I love the Levellers though apparently my spell checker tells me it should be Levelers (One "L" not two "L"s in the middle). 15 Years is a great song and again there were other options  such as Eater's "Fifteen" or Snow Patrol's "Fifteen Minutes Old" , but really it's no contest.

Also there are another 44 slots to go although I am not sure I am committed to including Snow Patrol or Eater, but I am glad that the first part has been relatively easy.

Anyway I've made and drunk a smoothie this morning (orange, apple, pineapple, ginger, banana, blueberry and carrot)  will keep on with the drugs at work today and let you know how it's gone tonight.

Have a brilliant Monday everybody.

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