Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Stand Up There Are No Seed Drills Here - #ALifeInNumbers #17

My Stand Up Vinyl Courtesy Log Play Cafe

I didn't want to use Janis Ian's "At 17" , it's a fine song bit thought I would peruse my collection and
discovered an old Jethro Tull "B" Side "17" now available on the"Stand Up" CD and it is a very fine song. I just love it. This is one of the things about having a large records collection (it doesn't matter what media they are on, they are records).

I have a vinyl copy of "Stand Up" and that doesn't have it on, so you need to get it digitally or need to get a 7" copy of "Sweet Dream"

Anyway the 'flu' is being kept at bay by either my smoothies, paracetamol or both , but they (Boots)  won't let me have a 'flu' jab till I'm over it. Well they recommended I didn't have a 'flu' jab as is could make me much worse , so hopefully I will get sorted later in the week.

Right, time for work , have a brilliant Tuesday everybody.

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