Sunday, 30 October 2016

Getting Regal - #ALifeInNumbers #39

It’s quite amusing when you are suddenly in a place where the internet is a thing of mystery that people shun and pretend to never of heard of. The mobile phone is viewed with suspicion and a signal is a total Will O’ The Wisp. Still that’s a minor price to pay for staying somewhere quiet and relaxing.  The thing is that when you come away from home you tend to forget the odd thing although nothing essential. One thing was the spreadsheet with my list of songs for #ALifeInNumbers so I will be relying on memory this week although 39 and 40 were pencilled in very early.

Anyway I wondered if I would be able to hit forty posts this month, and this is number forty. I thought I would reach it easily but reckoned without being disconnected for the World Wide Web. I find it’s odd that the phone signal is no unreliable but the television signal is very reliable, and surely the travel through the same atmospheric ether.

Anyway we hit number 39 and again this was one song that I decided on and didn’t bother looking any further. In the mid-seventies a friend of my mums told her that a certain album was the greatest record ever made, and that ended up as one of my Christmas presents. The album was very good and every one was raving about a particular over the top piece which the band promoted with a suitably over top video on Top of the Pops taking it to Number One when the singles charts actually mattered. The song was “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the album was “A Night at the Opera” and the band was Queen. The thing I really liked about Queen is their total disdain for fashion and criticism and how they did just what they wanted. Generally I wasn’t a fan of Brian May’s guitar sound unless it got heavy.

But the song that hit me most from the album is the acoustic “’39”, standing out because of its beautiful simplicity in a very over the top setting of the album. So enjoy this under rated, under played Queen beauty. Enjoy your Sunday my friends.

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