Sunday, 30 October 2016

U2 CAN BE "40" - #ALifeInNumbers #40

This is sort of a cheat to hit number 40 in #ALifeInNumbers, I’m writing in the same session as “39” and will post these two consecutively. Again for was peened in early, and it’s another song from a massive band, one of the few that could be considered bigger than Queen, that band is U2.

  In the mid-eighties I was working and Hygena near Goole. I remember Jasper Carrot posed the question on what inhabitants of Goole were called, but told a story of how he’d been and found that all the restaurants and eating places shut in the lunch hour. I couldn’t believe it, so thought I would investigate, and it was absolutely true. It may have changed, but you drove into Goole and the main road in ended in a roundabout that sent you back the way you came in.

 Anyway I went into Woolworths and got a sandwich and saw the new U2 album, the live “Under A Blood Red Sky” a budget mini album with a striking red cover. I got it home; side one was good but side two was amazing, culminating in the absolutely gorgeous “40”.

So that’s what you get here. Enjoy this my friends.

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