Thursday, 13 October 2016

Life At The Top (of a building) - #ALifeInNumbers #20

This record was released in year I was born from the classic film "The Girl Can't Help It", I think this excerpt actually cuts something out of the middle as this clocks in at 1' 26"  and the recording I have are 1' 45" . "Twenty Flight Rock" is an Eddie Cochran classic with a comedic element based on a broken lift. Incidentally the first song in my sequence last year (Odyssey58) was the title track from the film by Little Richard which you can see here.

I remember working for Yorkshire Water Board in the 1980's and in one of my times there I was on the eleventh floor, only one lift worked and the clocking machine was on the top floor. I still waited for the lift, though one day there was a fire alarm and we had to walk back up, I had to take a rest around the seventh floor. The thing is they called out the fire brigade but due to the location of the building the fire engines could get near but couldn't actually deploy their ladders!.

Another thing was that if you looked at other buildings when the weather was windy you could see the building moving , a very weird feeling.

Another event was that the building was next to a big car park which was the ruined site of some demolished buildings, this was around 1985 and this has all been redeveloped, Every fortnight after signing on there were a couple who shall we say engaged in congress in a secluded corner of the car park , overlooked by Yorkshire Water Board's twelve story building. The thing is a lot of people on my floor rushed over to the window every time until a manager must have complained. On the last time I was called over to watch five pairs of police men and women converging on the unsuspecting couple. This was a police force who "didn't have the manpower" to investigate my car being broken into. That was the end of their liaisons.

Anyway back to the music, I am sure there are lots of "20" songs , but I can only choose one. When I hit "25" there are two that I want to use, but I can only have one, c'est la vie.

Anyway I think I am in a fit state to resume work, so will be going in tomorrow and the recuperating further over the weekend. Have a wonderful evening my friends.

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