Tuesday, 9 October 2018


Due to a 7:15 AM doctors appointment this morning I set the alarm for 4:45. Obviously outside it's black and windy and I hopefully will be getting a 6:25 bus to find out what they have to say, it's just an annual health check and I will ask them to do a 'flu' jab. Did you know that 'flu' is probably the only common word that has a double contraction and therefore needs two apostrophes to indicate int's shrinking from influenza to 'flu'.

One of the good things about getting up early is, in theory, you can do more during the day, and after a week off coming back to quarter end / month end I have a lot to get through this week.

I've managed to keep up my steps on my holiday and today may not be a full step day due to the doctor's appointment but we shall see.

6Music is playing, and I always think that 6Music almost negates my need for a music collection. They are currently playing  "Master Pretender" by First Aid Kit, all their records are wonderful so I will share that with you. The video is rather good too, so worth watching and listening to.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and maybe a more leisurely lie in.

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