Monday, 8 October 2018

Sleepwalking Into Pitch Blackness

One of the great things about being on holiday is having the option to lie in, which I took great advantage of this week. I only thought of getting up when light appeared through the curtains. This morning as I'm writing this, it is pitch black outside although it's getting a bit lighter. I am wondering whether to walk in or to take the bus.

The thing is that when it's dark, you tend to think it's not warm, and the lack of sunshine is probably a major factor in that.

This morning I switched on 6Music and they were playing "The Somnambulist" the new single by Echo and The Bunnymen. While I have always loved their sound this took me back to when I first heard "The Cutter" or "Seven Seas". Goose bumps and just wonderful music and every time I hear it I don't want it to end, and absolutely perfect record and a fantastic way to start a Monday morning.

The album it comes from is mainly transformations of some of their classic songs with a couple of new ones, it has a great title, "The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon", so I will be investigating that soon.

Well it's back to work today, so I'm going to make coffee, enjoy your Monday, only five days until the weekend.

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