Monday, 29 October 2018


This morning I had a lie in, only half an hour but I thought and just enjoy a bit of extra time in bed. The heating hadn't come on, and I though it did automatic daylight saving changes so thought I'd have to manually change that as well. I'd done all the analog clocks, and the cooker yesterday and all the electronic stuff resets itself, so all was good. I washed and showered, and came in and switched the computer on and noticed my owl wall clock still said quarter to six. I thought the mechanism must be failing, then I checked my phone, quarter to six. Then it hit me, the only clock I hadn't reset was my alarm clock so I'd got up an hour earlier than I thought it was, though that means I feel like I've had an extra half hour in bed and I have an extra half hour to do stuff like this.

I spent the weekend in York and visited The National Railway Museum for the first time, and rathe amazing place. Just go, it's free, and you will spend a lot of time in there seeing these amazing examples of engineering and how we have regressed from luxury to the cattle trucks we have today. I saw this YouTube video of the place which will show it far better than I can describe it.

Coming back on The Cross-Country one, my phone was down to 4% power, but I thought they have charging points, which they do, but they don't work and the staff can't be bothered to see what's wrong. Sad, but when you're paid a pittance to work on substandard kit because the companies don't invest, you are going to think "What's The Point?".

Two records for me are going to happen, another thirty posts I will have posted three hundred this year, I've already done 270 which is a record but three hundred will be nice, and after walking round York (including 25K steps on Saturday) I'm on course to hit 400K steps for the first time in a month, unless the weather turns really bad, but I'm standing on 380K at the moment with three days left.

Amazingly I didn't buy any music in York but my friend Scott bought a best of Dusty Springfield album, with a self deprecating "a bit of easy listening " comment, to which I replied Dusty Springfield is anything but and shows excellent musical taste and suggested he tracked down "Dusty In Memphis".

Anyway it's Monday morning and maybe time to get off to work.

Have a good one.

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