Tuesday, 30 October 2018


After walking into work and most of the way back I clocked 14K steps so another 6K today takes me over the 400K mark for October. Yesterday I walked in took some photographs and went for Bob Dylan's "Shelter From A Hard Rain" album. I'm fairly sure this is a bootleg recording originally and I bought it mainly for the duet with Joan Baez" on "Deportees (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)" which I first saw on The Old Grey Whistle Test and I include here.

The album sounds like the band can just about play , but are actually enjoying themselves, from the opener of "A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall" which Dylan originally wrote when he thought the end was coming during the Cuban Missile Crisis and he just listed a load of images and it still stands up today, to the final "Idiot Wind" which is just a brilliant paranoid narrative. At no point do you want to skip to the next song, but I will often repeat play one of the songs, such as "Deportees" of "Mozambique".

Of course the original recordings have better sound (except "Deportees") but they don't capture the feel of the gig. ANother album that I love and constantly revisit.

Anyway I've still not reset my alarm clock, so let myself get up an hour earlier again, but I have a doctor's appointment at seven thirty so need to leave the house at about quarter to seven.

It is Tuesday , so have a good one everyone.

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