Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Iron Man

I am not. Had my annual check up and it turns out I'm anaemic and iron deficient among other things. Some hard skin is stopping feeling on my foot which is not good if you are diabetic. So need to eat more greens and get some moisturiser on my feet. This could explain why, this year, I'm usually to tired to go to things at night, social events , gigs, quizzes etc. So I may let you know what happens. I've loved the Sunday afternoon gigs at The Cluny because I've not been feeling shattered.

Last two days I've been on bed by nine, and most nights I am in bed by ten where I used to be able to stay up very late and still get up early for work. This morning I forgot to set my alarm so ended up getting up half an hour later, but glad to get some information on what's actually wrong with me.

I think for the first "Iron Man 2" film was soundtracked, sort of appropriately, by AC/DC so I'll include "Shoot To Thrill" for this very short Wednesday post.

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