Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Armed - #Oktoberfest #9 - Tequila - Terrorvision

One of the things that reading "The God Delusion" does is arm you with plenty of logical constructs when someone comes at you with "... but The Bible says ..." . I actually do find Richard Dawkins ironically evangelical at times but given the power being wielded by Right Wing "Christians" and other religious extremists we are more than likely to find ourselves in that situation.

Don't get me wrong, a great deal of people find comfort in their religion and beliefs and do not force it on others and use it to force their will on others. It can also provide a life discipline, but for a lot of people going to church has been replaced by going to garden centres or going shopping.

Anyway here's the next #Oktoberfest song, and it was bound to come, we have "Tequila" by Bradford's Terrorvision. I originally spelt that as "Yequila" which is why I will never be able to touch type as I cannot trust what my fingers do.

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