Saturday, 12 October 2019

Violetsy - #Oktoberfest #14 - What Made Milwaukee Famous (made a loser out of me) - Rod Stewart

Though not specified in the title (and you can see I am clutching at straws here and not even half way through #Oktoberfest ) this is Rod Stewart covering a Jerry Lee Lewis country song  and referring to whisky (or is it whiskey or moonshine) but it's basically "any drink that's free".

The word Violetsy is completely meaningless and is a follow on from the Violency of the last post which is another made up word that at least had some relevance to the violence in the post , but this post contains no Violets.

I am just messing about because Strictly Come Dancing is on the TV and I am not a fan.

I am still suffering from this cold so intend to have an early night to see if I can see it off, but lots of people seem to be coming down with it, and it is really annoying at hanging around.

I don't know if it's age or medical conditions but I find it almost impossible to eat a full mean after about 8 PM . I think that is actually good for me but it's something I need to take into account of going forward. I could eat cereals and snacks later, but obviously they are much lighter, but definitely no full meals.

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