Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Hunger - #Oktoberfest #26 - Randolph's Tango - Thin Lizzy

Several times over the last year or two or maybe even longer I've been hit by a weird hunger. Normally when you are hungry you need to eat and fill your stomach and that satisfies the hunger. This is different, I am unable to eat something to fill me me up, and it's like the hunger is coming from my arms , legs and the whole of my body except my tummy, it's a little like low blood sugar and maybe that is what it is. It happened very intensely yesterday morning and usually a bacon sandwich would sort out a morning hunger but when you can't face a sandwich then what's left , maybe a mars bar?

I used to love a Full English Breakfast but these days it's not something that holds a huge attraction for me.

I don't know if the hunger I mentioned is a result of my diabetes or age, and it is not a huge problem as yesterday it was sorted with some fruit and porridge when I got into work, but it is something that is, in my opinion , and inconvenient annoyance.

So onto #Oktoberfest and should I or shouldn't I, yes I will. We'll go for "Randolph's Tango" by Thin Lizzy, I know the Tango refers to a dance but if you say Tango to anyone they'll think of a can of fizzy Orange first won't they? I've also referenced Tango in previous posts which you can check out here, although I've realised it was just my last Thin Lizzy post, so I need to track down more Tango related stuff.

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