Tuesday, 1 October 2019

#Oktoberfest #2 - Cool Water - Frankie Laine

This was the second song  that I wanted to include because it was one of things that my mum and dad played on their radiogram that I actually liked, a best of Frankie Laine that included the song "Cool Water". I liked it so much that I have a best of Frankie Laine CD somewhere in my collection and it's obviously on my digital network.

It's quite heartwarming that I could actually but a radiogram from RPM in Newcastle who have some excellent vintage players and who sorted my current player , which I absolutely love. I seem to get more from listening to vinyl that from listening digitally , although digital music is great when you are on the move.

It is my birthday today and a lot of people have wished me happy birthday on Facebook although I can't actually see everyone who has wished me but I would like to thank everyone. I also have good wishes from the people I see and will be having tea with my daughters tomorrow, so all is good.

I know this is an extremely short post but it was just to share this song and to kick off the #Oktoberfest project with , in this case , a non alcoholic drink.

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