Thursday, 24 October 2019

Vegano - #Oktoberfest #29 - A Glass of Champagne - Sailor

Today I really didn't feel like anything to eat, but I do make a point of getting out of the office at lunchtime. It's not good to bring a packed lunch , sit at your desk and work through lunch , though a lot of people feel absolutely obliged to do it. I work better if I get a total break. I was thinking about all the places I normally eat then Vegano came into my head, I have eaten there before and they do a gorgeous vegan "sausage and egg" muffin, so that was decided. The had the muffin on so that was it, and it's just as good as ever, highly recommended.

The first time I was in the conversation about the muffin went thus:

Me: "That's gorgeous but what is the egg substitute?"
Vegano: "Tofu"
Me: "I hate Tofu"
Vegano: "Oh Sorry..."
Me: "No don't be, I love it , how have you done it? Tofu normally tastes like furniture stuffin"

They then explained what they did to make the "egg type pattie"

Me: "So how you make the sausage bit"
Vegano: "We get xxxxx hot dogs , skin them and make the patties"
Me: "So it's not vegan then"
Vegano: "It is they are vegan hot dogs"

So I ended up have a gorgeous lightish lunch which you can see here, also they play mostly decent music, and great to speak with, and really nice people, and they are right in front of the Discovery Museum which is round the corner from where I work.

Now I have got a few more drink related songs for #Oktoberfest and we will go with "A Glass of Champagne" by Sailor who had the mad "nickleodeon" two man keyboard built by their main man George Kajanus although the Star Spangled Chestwigs do a cracking version which you can see and hear here.

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